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Our Organization

March 12, 2015

What We Do

GPS utilizes organizational and educational psychology practices to improve the world of Education. Our organization is segmented into two primary functional units:

GPS Solutions

GPS Solutions is the school operations arm of Global Psychological Services, providing staffing, operational, and management services to schools, non-profits, and governmental agencies. Learn More

GPS Educational Services

GPS Educational Services provides special and general education programming, services, and evaluation to schools, non-profits, and governmental agencies, with a primary focus on servicing needs in education. Learn More

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Our achievements stem from two primary areas of discipline:

Organizational Psychology

We apply psychological theories, principles and practices to organizations. We contribute to an organization’s success by improving the performance, satisfaction, and well being of its employees. We conduct work on employee behaviors and attitudes and how these can be improved through hiring practices, training, feedback, management systems, leadership support and development. We help organizations and employees manage change and transitions. We create organizational infrastructure, support strategic planning processes and provide organizational and operational systems.

Educational Psychology

We implement practices from cognitive, neuroscience and behavioral perspectives to improve learning processes. We focus on supporting differences in intelligence, learning style, mastery, cognitive development, affect, motivation, self-concept as they relate to improved learning. We use testing, measurement, research-based effective instructional practices, reflection, personal and professional development to enhance educational activities and outcomes.


    GPS began when the founder discovered an opportunity to make use of his extensive skills and experience in providing supplemental education services. Since then, GPS has grown from a one person consulting operation to a company with more than 100 full-time, part-time and contract employees. GPS has evolved into a full-service special education and general education staffing company, educational services company and full-service charter school management company that has serviced the Inkster and Detroit Public School Districts and over 50 charter schools in 7 counties in lower Michigan (with a concentration in the Detroit metropolitan area) and North Carolina.

    GPS Educational Services Special Education Results:

    • Fully compliant with Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) guidelines
    • Fully compliant with Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education (MARSE) guidelines
    • Fully compliant with Wayne County Revised Administrative Rules for Special Education guidelines
    • Fully compliant with ISD and Charter School Authorizer’s special education guidelines
    • Passed all Title 1 audits
    • Over 90% of Special Education 12th graders enrolled obtained High School Diplomas
    • Over 90% of Special Education 12th graders went on to receive an education at a Secondary Institution



    GPS General Education Sample Results on Nationally Normed Assessments:

    Reading Results: (Yearly Growth Based on Norm-Referenced Test)

    Base Line Year 1 Year 2
    Sample School A: 1.1 1.56 2.16
    Sample School B: .98 1.38 2.04
    Sample School C: .92 1.35 1.56


    Math Results: (Yearly Growth Based on Norm-Referenced Test)


    Base Line Year 1 Year 2
    Sample School A: .93 1.32 1.56
    Sample School B: .92 1.38 1.53
    Sample School C: .84 1.24 1.38


    GPS has achieved this level of growth by delivering exceptional resources, offering exceptional customer service, and giving clients a high-degree of accessibility to executive staff. Several current clients have been with the company for eight or more years. GPS does more than provide specialized educational services, it goes the extra mile to help clients develop success strategies and increase efficiency.


    GPS believes in encouraging and supporting a culture of openness, trust, and integrity in all management and business practices, conducting all affairs and activities with the highest standards of ethical conduct.  GPS believes it is essential that each school with which it collaborates take ownership of the results of all programs in the school.  In short, this means that everything GPS does in each school is in the spirit of partnership, communicating and working with school personnel to create a positive, cooperative environment. We help organizations overcome the cultural, structural, leadership and instructional obstacles that stand in the way of achieving their strategic goals. By developing processes and metrics, we create operational clarity and accountability structures that strengthen organizations. By influencing, nurturing and supporting positive culture, we facilitate individual and organizational growth.

    GPS’s Mission

    GPS offers the expertise, processes, and personnel necessary to build and sustain capacity within the individuals, organizations and communities we serve. Our programs and services positively impact individuals, enhancing their learning experience and thereby leading them on a path toward an enriched quality of life.

    GPS’s Vision

    We build a more prosperous world by positively impacting individuals, family, community, and society through our commitment to our core values.

    GPS’s Values

    • Service – We exist to humbly serve the “greater good” by constantly striving to create opportunity.
    • Impact – Positive impact through every interaction with the individuals, communities and systems that we work with.
    • Integrity – Knowing right from wrong and doing what we say we’re going to do.
    • Advocacy – Putting the needs of our stakeholders first.
    • Relationships – Making close, personal connections with our stakeholders.
    • Accountability – Putting best people and best practices in place to achieve the best results.